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Love Story by Taylor Swift


Hearing your laugh makes me wish I was funny.


I dont wanna be your friend i wanna kiss your fucking neck you fuck


This blog turned 1 today, and it’s become so much more than I ever thought it would be and there’s so many people I want to thank. Thank you if you’ve followed me, thank you if you’ve liked or reblogged a post of mine, thank you if you’ve taken the time to look at my posts. I know it’s not as big of a blog as a lot of others out there, but it means the world to me because this was just a place for me to experiment with photoshop and post all the things about Taylor that I wanted — and you all have made it one of my favorite things in the world. I hope you guys know that my ask box is always open, for whatever you guys might need, since you have made my days so much happier and I want to do the same to yours.

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Oh my goodness. Thank you so much Anna. I’ve always looked up to you like an older sister and I love our conversations. You’re seriously the nicest and I’m so lucky to know you. I love you so much!!!


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If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them. 

ESFJ (PROVIDER): value security and enjoy making others feel well-cared-for. They are loyal to the belief system of their environment (as opposed to an internal one) and can be outspoken when others fall out of line. This is completely, exactly, 100% me. 

  • Lady Cora from Downton Abbey :)
  • Marge Gunderson from Fargo (internally screaming bc she’s a badass)
  • Rachel Green from Friends (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit (this is actually hilarious because I’ve taken mythology class twice and because of my size my nickname was hobbit)
  • Gloria Pritchett from Modern Family (seesters before meesters) 
  • Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb (when my brother was 10 he told me I was exactly like her omg)
  • Mona Vanderwaal from Pretty Little Liars (whoa)
  • Juliet O’Hara from Psych (OMG)
  • Mini from Skins (figures)
  • Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (she’s kind of ditzy no??)
  • Mary Jane Watson from Spider-Man (literally so excited rn)
  • Mermaid Man from Spongebob (how)
  • Dean Winchester from Supernatural (screaming)
  • Glinda from Wicked (in 6th grade i did a cover of a song from wicked and i had her part)

This list has made me so happy because I love all of them. 

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songinourhearts replied to your photo“Another Handwriting Tag! This is so late!! Thanks for tagging me Anna…”
That poem was amazing! I loved it. And your handwriting is adorable :)
Oh my goodness thank you. :) That poem took like 30 seconds, which is really fast for me. Whoa!